Director – Reality Check

  Holistic business coaching for creative people and entrepreneurs. Check my website here.

Favourite subjects include…

  • Holistic marketing & business development
  • Branding, logos & artwork
  • Bios/taglines/and your elevator spiel
  • Website and social media overhaul/tactics
  • Career paradigm shifts and work/life balance
  • Creating documents, packages and processes
  • How to make more $ from artistic pursuits
  • Effective marketing done with a smart phone
  • How to be more authentic online
  • Time management and dedication to dreams
  • Creative blocks and inspiration methods
  • Self esteem and selling yourself with humility
  • Goal setting and then actually doing.
  • Networking and reaching new demographics and a whole lot more…..
If it’s not scary, it’s not worth doing.. Let’s get started!
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