Safety – Rainbow Serpent

Safety – Rainbow Serpent

Australia’s best known and biggest outdoor festival, Rainbow Serpent is in it’s second decade of creating amazing experiences, and it hasn’t ended up on the ‘world’s best festivals’ lists for no reason.

A four day event of intensive dancefloors, workshops, theme camps, arts and installations from all over the planet, and 20,000 people from all walks of life up for a dressed-up good time, ‘Rainbow’ as it’s known by it’s family, is an institution, no less.

From the behemoth main floor with fire balls and lasers that dissect the mountain on the horizon, to the famous “monday market madness’ that has grown to be the best time of the event, Rainbow brings people from many countries and tribes together.

With a big focus on sustainability and featuring banks of well-maintained compost toilets, this event generates discussions around earth impact and responsible partying.

Bo has been involved in many roles over the years, including site build, decor, marketing and publicity and copywriting, spearheading and managing the Ambassador Program, a team of seasoned and hand selected Rainbow punters who walk through campsite areas communicating with punters about waste and recycling, and looking after your mates.

Bo was Safety Officer for the event precinct in 2018 and 2019.

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