Operations Manager – Esoteric Festival

Operations Manager – Esoteric Festival

In 2020 Esoteric Festival was sold out, with over 7,000 punters and thousands of crew travelling to Donald in the Buloke Shire for 4 days of lifestyle, music and arts.

In it’s fifth year, Esoteric is much loved by the Australian festival community and is the relatively new kid on the block that has impressed each year with it’s dedication to stellar production value, immersive arts, deep theming and various stages catering to different genre tastes, with a dedicated broken beat stage called the Snake Pit.

This year was no different with 3D visuals by TAS, an interactive treasure hunt/quest, couch gardens, hammock temple, as well as a range of workshops, theme camp area and the Ascension stage, Sun Temple and Bush Techno crew n out the music arenas.

Having grown to a point where they needed logistical help, Kitty was hired to consult on systems and processes as well as recruit for and run the first Event Operations Department in the festival’s history. Stellar crew from The Real Army staffed Operations for the duration of the event.


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