Bookings – Burning Man

Bookings – Burning Man

Annually over 70,000 people gather in the Nevada desert to form Black Rock City, a temporary city that has assembled from a global community following core principles to share art and music for over 20 years.

It’s known for 100km an hour dust storm white-outs, crazy art cars made from mutant vehicles, and is a week of non stop partying in a gifting community where there are no dollars exchanged onsite apart from for coffee or bags of ice. The temple is a magic space constructed each year to create a sacred space for remembering, and the event culminates in the burning of a giant effigy of a man with an all night party, and then the emotional temple burn the day after.

In 2014 Kitty booked acts and stage managed for theme camp “Wrongtown/{Phil in the blank}”


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