Project Manager – The Big Picture Festival

Project Manager – The Big Picture Festival

The Big Picture Festival, an annual street art extravaganza organized by the Frankston City Council, marked its seventh consecutive year in 2024.

Each March, the council orchestrates a week-long celebration of street art in the heart of Frankston’s CBD. The festival commences with a captivating gallery exhibition and culminates in an electrifying Block Party. Over the past two years, Kitty has played a pivotal role as Project Manager for the council, overseeing a wide array of responsibilities spanning logistics, procurement, marketing, and artist liaison.

Under Kitty’s adept management, the festival has witnessed notable expansions. In 2023, Kitty assumed the role of Production Manager, with the addition of a self-guided night walk featuring groundbreaking projection works—a resounding success. Building upon this triumph, the 2024 edition of the festival showcased two additional projection works by Demsky and Fraz The Wizard, alongside the debut of miniature artist Tinky.

This year’s festival offered a lineup of internationally acclaimed artists, poised to further metamorphose the cityscape with vibrant hues and dynamic installations. Following the event, Frankston is set to boast an impressive collection of over 90 large-scale murals, affirming its status as a hub of urban artistry in Australia.

Bo Kitty, serving as Project Manager for multiple festival components, including the Block Party, Night Walk, and the creation of nine new murals in 2023, continued to demonstrate exemplary leadership in 2024. Kitty oversaw the Cube 37 Gallery Takeover exhibition, facilitated the addition of eight new murals, and curated Tinky’s collection of eight miniature works, all of which contributed to the festival’s remarkable success and the ongoing revitalisation of the Frankston CBD.
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